Bryana is a networking coach, writer, and traveling event correspondent who specializes in connecting people to the individuals and resources they need. Over the span of her career, Bryana has become a published author, built a network that spans the country, and launched a popular speed networking event series in Los Angeles, California. As a networking coach, Bryana’s goal is to help others not only cultivate their network but use it to reach new heights. We often hear the phrase “it’s not what you know, but who you know” but we are not taught how to know more people. This is where Bryana uses her skills to bridge the gap. As a woman who has moved fluidly between many roles, she has gained invaluable knowledge on how to get to know more people and how to build genuine relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Faith, passion, and purpose are what drives Bryana. She knows that what God has instilled in her is bigger than her and is deeply rooted in this purpose. Her passion for learning, creating, and building has given her the ability to work and excel in a diverse pool of industries. As an Editor for, she traveled the country hosting interviews and producing original content for the company’s platforms. Bryana has also worked alongside a host of celebrities, absorbing business savvy and brand marketing skills. Currently, Bryana works as an independent consultant assisting small businesses and Fortune 500 companies make an impact within their industries through innovative marketing and diversity and inclusion strategies. These experiences have afforded Bryana the ability to build an extensive network, but her character and drive are what have kept her network strong.

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