4 Benefits of Business Networking

One of the many advantages of networking is that it helps you become more visible to the right people. Through your reliable contacts, you can gradually become a person that “knows everyone,” and be a resource for recommendations or insights on clients, associates, and even competitors.

Networking is one of the fundamental skills any person in business should learn to be successful. It doesn’t matter if you’re working 9-5 or running your own entrepreneurial endeavors– you need a strong network. Success in business takes sincere dedication and effort –it’s important to have a network of business partners and associates you can lean on throughout the journey.

Below are 4 more of the biggest benefits of networking:

1. Expand Your Opportunities – When you think networking think opportunity! With sincere connections and effort to not only expand your network but to enhance it by supporting those within it, opportunity will surely find it’s way to your doorstep. What was it that President Kennedy said? “Ask not what your network can do for you…” right?

2. Diverse Advice – If you’re doing this thing right, your network will include a collective of people that are like you and not like you at all. When working on projects or when ideas pop up it’s nice to be able to tap into your network to see what they think. I’ve found that my network has been able to challenge me on points that I hadn’t fully thought out, helping me to create stronger foundations to build on. “Having like-minded business people to talk to also gives you the opportunity to get advice from them based on their experiences in your shared field. This can help you to prepare for what’s to come and avoid making the same mistakes they made.  

3. New Business – Who doesn’t love new customers? One of the most overt benefits of networking to business owners and those in sales is being able to expand their business. Your direct connections may not be in your market, but their connections could be. You’d be surprised to see how many customers will flock to a business based on a recommendation from the right person.  

4. REALationships – I think this one is my favorite–it should honestly be #1. When you base your networking on creating a cooperative relationship with someone it’s inevitable that you will become friends. You’ve connected with a person that genuinely wants to see you win and play a part in your successes and they’ve found the same in you. No strings attached. Just genuine connections–a REALationship!

The benefits of networking are endless! What are some of your favorite benefits? Comment below or post on Instagram and tag me @BryDelicia. 


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